Chapman Stick Soloist

I read the title with awe, a Chapman Stick enthusiast is as rare as a 1970’s British sportscar with Lucas electrics! The ‘Stick’ is hardly a mainstream instrument. I first encountered it a few years ago when I met the aptly named band ‘The Stickmen’.

The Chapman Stick is a wonderful tool in the correct hands, and Michael Kollwitz has those hands. In total Michael has released 22 albums all on the Chapman Stick. The amazing aspect of the stick is that it gives the illusion of far more notes being played than in fact are,

Serenity II is a delightful adventure into relaxation, just close your eyes and let the music flow over you. With 16 tracks Serenity II is a full hour of great music on the Chapman Stick.

Michael Kollwitz has a web site I am always interested in the history of a musician, it turns out that he originally was an up and coming trumpet player while in high school. It was after a chance meeting with the inventor Emmett Chapman that he fell in love with the instrument.

And the album can be purchased at all of the usual vendors, or just click on the Amazon link above.


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