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The Mayor of Brussels, Socialist Freddy Thielemans, and the well healed appeaser for the EU decided that a protest staged by Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) on September 11 be stopped because he could not “guarantee public safety and that he won’t disturb the Islamic section of the population in Brussels”.

Now we just couldn’t have that. I meant the practice of free speech can not be allowed if it offends Muslims. That’s the standard operating procedure in the EU today.

By invoking the lack of public safety, he is precisely highlighting SIOE’s demonstration title: Stop the Islamisation of Europe.

SIOE’s message through the 4 slogans is exactly to warn against conditions such as these, where people no longer can use their freedom of expression and feel secure, but the shocking facts are that these conditions already reign at the heart of the EU.

He couldn’t guarantee the pubic safety? Isn’t that what the Mayor of a city is supposed to do – regardless of the situation? Well, at least not if he’s a liberal socialist. Think Mayor of New Orleans and Katrina.

The mayor in Brussels is not fully aware of his responsibility, for as a mayor at EU’s capital you cannot simply forbid ordinary European citizens to express their constitutional freedoms.

Was he mayor in Antwerp or any other town in Belgium, he would equally have to allow the freedom of expression to exist, but precisely a Socialistic mayor at EU’s capital has a greater responsibility, not just to Brussels’ own citizens, but also to the citizens of the EU as a whole.

You must expect that when the capital in the EU is called Brussels.

Despite assurances from Brussels police that a safe and orderly demonstration was possible, the Brussels’ mayor still denied SIOE organizers permission to rally. Around 20,000 people from all over Europe are believed to have already made preparations to attend.

SIOE organizers have created a petition urging the Mayor to remove his ban and allow the demonstration to go ahead:

Please sign it if you are in Europe. Fight for your rights. Fight for your freedoms.

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