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What an insecure religion Islam must be that its believers can not only take the slightest criticism but if one of their flock bolts, they resort to threats of violence in response. This patterns we have seen time and time gain yet hear nothing about it from moderate Muslims who continuously claim that Islam is a peaceful religion willing to live side by side with all others.

Here’s another example of the tolerance of Islam.

Once again, a critic of Islam has been placed under heavy security in the Netherlands. Ehsan Jami, a local council member for the Dutch Labour Party and a former Muslim, has been afforded extra protection since Monday this week, on the orders of the National Counter-Terrorism Coordinator. The local politician, who also heads a committee established to fight for the interests of former Muslims, was the target of a violent, physical attack outside a supermarket near his home in Voorburg last Saturday.

Ehsan Jami was knocked to the ground and kicked by a group of three men: two young Moroccans and one Somali. During the incidents, his attackers called him a ‘filthy homo’ and ‘filthy traitor’. Mr Jami’s advisor, Afshin Ellian, later pointed out that it was not the first time he had been physically attacked.

But it’s not just Jami that needs protection from the religion of peace and tolerance. Afshin Ellian, an academic and columnist, is also being protected by the authorities. Both are in good company.

Ehsan Jami now shares the dubious honour of enjoying the same kind of security given to other threatened individuals, including former Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali who ultimately decided to move abroad. Meanwhile, the question has been asked in various quarters as to why Mr Jami has only now been given serious protection, especially in light of the fact that his address and telephone number have been available on an Islamic website for at least two weeks.

The Labour Party councillor had already attracted considerable publicity with his critical remarks about Islam. These have included his comparing the Prophet Muhammad with Osama bin Laden and describing some passages in the Koran as ‘backward’.

Now that deserves a beating. Don’t it?

Ehsan Jami operates through his committee to argue the case of people who have turned their backs on the Muslim faith. Since the attack, he has made it known that he would prefer to remain indoors for the time being, but that he has no intention of staying silent or toning down his comments about Islam: “I will go on fighting for freedom of religion, because even though they can, of course, harm my body, they can never do that to my ideology.”

The Netherlands is a perfect case of dhimmitude cowering from the fear of offending Muslims.

“We ought never to forget that people like former Amsterdam councillor and current deputy minister Ahmed Aboutaleb and Amsterdam City Mayor Job Cohen have also been threatened, and you really can’t accuse them of making any harsh statements against Islam. Many opinion-shapers and satirists are simply scared to death of writing anything about Islam.”

Afshin Ellian has made a telling remark about the atmosphere in the Netherlands.

In his view, the climate of intolerance in the Netherlands has hardened in recent years, and he says that such incidents put him in mind of the atmosphere in places such as the country of his birth, Iran, or Pakistan.

OK. Let me get this straight. Muslims flee Islamic countries so they can practice their religion freely then create the same atmosphere of fear and hate in the adopted country. That does not make sense – does it?

But maybe this does.

A radical imam teaches young Muslims from birth that their particular brand of Islam is superior to all others and that Allah commands that they impose their beliefs on the entire world. Perhaps they are not fleeing oppressions but are in fact an invading army that seeks to bring their form of oppression to other countries. Not willing to assimilate and bath in the freedoms of religion in host countries but to dominate their host culture.

This behavior is a true sign of the enemy we face. The ideology of Islamism. This and many other signs of intimidation both violent and political needs to be recognized as an alien invasion intent on overthrowing our culture and replacing it with a 7th century one and must be offensively – not defensively – resisted.

But the vast majority still refuses to see the threat. It’s time we go on the offensive with political Islam.

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