Ex-NBC Newsguy-turned-Journalism Professor Warns of Danger

Regulation by New Industry the Answer

Tom Paine, John Peter Zenger, Beware! 

People typing on keyboards endanger the Republic.

DAVID HAZINSKI offers humor from an expected source and tips about dealing with the “Evil Power of the Internet”.

Hilarious musings from an ex-NBC guy who had the sense to find other employment.

Supporters of “citizen journalism” argue it provides independent, accurate, reliable information that the traditional media don’t provide. While it has its place, the reality is it really isn’t journalism at all, and it opens up information flow to the strong probability of fraud and abuse. The news industry should find some way to monitor and regulate this new trend.

Hazinski offers a solution. That’s considerate.

DBKP would like to offer Hazinski a clue: the news industry’s “monitor and regulate” policy toward what people read is at the bottom of this trend. More evidence that the mad professor needs to call Vanna.

The premise of citizen journalism is that regular people can now collect information and pictures with video cameras and cellphones, and distribute words and images over the Internet. Advocates argue that the acts of collecting and distributing makes these people “journalists.” This is like saying someone who carries a scalpel is a “citizen surgeon” or someone who can read a law book is a “citizen lawyer.” Tools are merely that. Education, skill and standards are really what make people into trusted professionals. Information without journalistic standards is called gossip.

What a dangerous, eroneous premise. Computers in the hands of regular Joes? What a menace.Professor Hazinski proposes a solution.\

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Citizen Journalism: 911, I’d Like to Report an Unregulated Blogger 


Citizen Journalism: 911, I’d Like to Report an Unregulated Blogger 

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