Since the tragedy that hit New York eight years ago in 2001, where the twin towers were brought crashing down as part of a massive scale terrorist attack, many of those that helped out on the scenes at what is known now as Ground Zero have complained of health problems.

Many think that these problems are due to the release of potentially deadly substances including asbestos, and one New York detective who was present in the area at the time spoke of his and others’ illnesses due to exposure to these toxins.

Mike Valentin, who is a former detective, said: “I literally thought it was a movie that was on and it was just playing…And I was trying to hit pause and it wouldn’t stop. It really was surreal.” He added: “I was hired a healthy police officer…I ran five to eight miles a day. And once the towers came down, there went my health.”

He went on to state: “Our fate is sealed – we know that. But I couldn’t go leaving this world knowing that my brothers and sisters weren’t taken care of. And this is an issue that needs to be brought up to the United States government. It was a very-known fact that there was asbestos in the air.”

Exposure to asbestos dust can result in health problems, including deadly asbestos cancer called as mesothelioma.

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