91 year old, Betty Borowski, of Greendale Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee was found underneath her car stuck where she had been for 2 days. She became stuck sometimes on June 29 when she crawled under her car to look for key and her head somehow got pinned by the axle.

Borowski’s mail carrier had noticed that she hadn’t picked up her mail out of her box and became concerned when he rang the doorbell and she didn’t answer. He asked a neighbor had he seen her and when he was told no he called the police.

Greendale police chief, Rob Damn said, “She was pretty well wedged in there. It looks like she crawled in headfirst.”

“She was looking for her keys which were in the car’s door,” said Dams.

When an officer arrived he looked through the windows and called out her name and he could barely hear her calls for help. He kicked the door in and after a brief search he found her under the car.
Firefighters used a jack to raise the car up so they could get to her. She was starting to dehydrate and was a bit confused.

Nancy DiMarco, Betty Borowski’s niece, came in from Phoenix after she was notified by the police as to what had happened to be with her aunt. She said her aunt was taken to Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee where she was recovering in critical intensive care.
It is feared that Borowski may have suffered a minor heart attack while she was pinned underneath the car. She went two days without taking her medication.
The police are crediting the mail carrier for showing enough concern for Borowski to notice something wasn’t right and calling the police. DiMarco said, “If it wasn’t for people seeing a situation and following through on …who knows? She wouldn’t have made it one more day.”

Jan Barrett

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