A young boy from Arizona who was only 8 years old at the time has been accused of shooting his father and a man that was renting a room in the family home to death. He used a 22-caliber rifle when he shot his father, 29 year old Vincent Romero and the man living in the home, 39 year old Timothy Romans when they returned home from work, then he ran to a neighbor’s home.

At first no one suspected the boy of anything but Roman’s wife raised some suspicions about the boy. She told police that she was on the phone with her husband just before he was killed and she could hear the child calling out to him. This contradicted what the boy first told police which was that he came in and found his father and Romans dead. When they took him in for some more questions he apparently confessed to pulling the trigger during the questioning while being videotaped.

Now in a deal with the prosecutors, the boy, even though his mother strongly objected, has plead guilty to negligent homicide in Roman’s death and the murder charge has been dropped on the death of his father. This will spare the small community which only has about 4000 people, what could have been an emotional and highly publicized trial.

With the guilty plea entered, now the decision of what his sentence should be has to be made. Apache County Superior Court Judge Michael Roca is the one to make this decision. Apparently the options are that the boy serve time in a county juvenile lockup, probation, being institutionalized for treatment or living with relatives.

All this depends on the upcoming mental health evaluations according to defense attorney, Ron Wood. “Part of the problem is I don’t think any of us know what his problems are, if any, and how to solve them.

Wood said the boy’s mother cried at the hearing Thursday when the boy plead guilty. He said the boy wanted to end the court proceedings as soon as possible. When the boy signed the three page agreement his hands were shaking. “This is a resolution that, in my view, makes my client happy and includes the structure… that gives him the best shot at going back to being a little boy,” said Wood.

A spokesman for the Roman’s family said that the victim’s wife and his two daughters were disappointed in the plea bargain agreement. “The boy took away something that is not replaceable,” said John Andreas. “There is no satisfaction.”

Although there has been no motive revealed for the murders, the boy’s lawyer says that it is highly unlikely that any details will ever come out as to what made this child do what he did since the plea deal has been made. The police reported that the boy did say at one time that he was tired of being spanked when he got into trouble.

OK now here is a 9 year old child that has killed two grown men and this little boy has enough sense to know he did what he did. He decided to plead guilty of the charges. True his attorney did get him a plea bargain which is what a good attorney would normally shoot for when his client is guilty.

I have a reason for tying this story to Caylee Anthony’s mother being charged with murder. I admire this little boy for wanting to do this to get it over with. Maybe it wasn’t his decision. Maybe it was his attorney that convinced him this would be the better way to go but the fact of the matter is, the plea deal was made and just think of how much the taxpayers will be saving by it. I am not only worried about money, but this little boy will get the help he needs this way too and at the same time like the reports say, this community will be spared all the publicity, and money spent on a highly publicized trial that isn’t necessary.

This is where the Caylee Anthony murder case comes to my mind. Here we have this self centered 22 year old woman that only thinks of herself. She’s only shown tears when she found out she was going to jail and then she hyperventilated when she heard about a child’s skull being found. OK I see some people argue with my opinion of this. Hey I am a mother. If I heard a child’s body was found and one of my kids were missing, I would be hyperventilating each time something was found being worried it could be them.

This is not what this woman did though. The other times she blew it off with sarcastic remarks like, “They haven’t even found her clothes yet” without a care in the world. She looked too confident that what was found would NOT be her daughter. This time it was different. She knew this was Caylee’s remains when she heard where it was found. It was well before it was officially announced that it was Caylee. There is no doubt in my mind she knew this just from her reaction. And YES a person’s reaction to news like this does tell you a lot.

Casey Anthony should confess to this hideous crime that she has committed upon her own daughter and face up to what she has done. She needs to be an adult and admit what she has done and take her punishment and save the country more heartache to have to go through all this again during the trial that she is insisting on having. Her sleazebag attorney Jose Baez keeps telling us his client wants her day in court and once there we will all finally understand what happened. If he thinks for one minute that everyone will even bother to believe this woman, he is as crazy as she is. I think Baez knows she is guilty but is spending all the taxpayers money so he can keep her name and his own in the spotlight as long as they can keep it there. It is a sad day when a 9 year old child has better sense than a 22 year old woman. Casey could sure use some lessons from this little boy.

I pray that this child gets the help he needs. I am sure he is deep down a good kid. Who knows what went on behind the closed doors in his home? We will probably never know but this kid has the decency to fess up to it and pay for what he has done, through the help of a decent attorney. Maybe he should send his attorney to Casey and let him offer his services to her to represent her. Maybe he could stop this game with the public that Jose Baez is playing and get this whole case over with instead of dragging it out for months or perhaps even years.

Jan Barrett

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