aliahna-lemmon.jpgA 9 year old little girl with the cutest face and smile fell victim to yet another sick person. Aliahna Lemmon was killed by the man her parents and neighborhood completely trusted that was babysitting her and her two younger sisters in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

39 year old Michael Plumadore admitted to the police that he killed the little girl. According to the affidavit on December 23, Aliahna’s mother, Tarah Lee Souders reported her daughter missing. Reports show that Souders’s three daughters had been staying with Plumadore for about a week, since she had the flu and her husband worked nights and needed to sleep during the day.

When police interviewed Plumadore on December 24th, he told them that the last time he saw the child was just after 6 am on the 23rd of December sleeping in a chair in his living room. He said that around 10:05 that morning the other two girls, ages 6 and 8, told him that Aliahna had left his home with her mother and that wasn’t aware that she never went with her mother until about 8 p.m. that night.

mike-plumadore.jpgOn December 26th the police interviewed Plumadore again at which time he freely admitted to killing the little girl. He told the police that he struck her in the head multiple times with a brick while she stood on the front steps of his home early Thursday morning, December 22, 2011. He said he carried her body inside and placed it inside a few trash bags and stuffed her into a freezer. After dark that night he decided to dismember the body by using a hack saw, He said he placed small pieces of the body into freezer bags and later threw them out in a dumpster at a nearby business. He kept the head, hands and feet inside the freezer at his home though where the police found them on Monday.

This confession came to the child’s family as a surprise. Aliahna’s grandmother appeared on HLN’s Nancy Grace’s show and defended Plumadore saying she didn’t believe he could harm Aliahna who was reported to have suffered from attention deficit disorder and emotional problems.

The trailer park where the family lives has about 42 mobile homes in it and according to the records there are 15 sexual predators that live there. Strangely enough Aliahna’s grandfather, James Lemmon was one of them until he died on December 3, 2011. Plumadore was taking care of the grandfather also in his home until the man died from emphysema. According to neighbors, no one thought anything was wrong with Plumadore babysitting the children since the family had known him for three or four years. No one would have ever suspected this of him.

Plumadore was in court Tuesday for a preliminary charge of murder. He is being held without bail or bond. He is scheduled to be back in court on December 30.

I have been sitting here the last few days thinking about cases like this. When I heard about this one it blew me away. It makes me ask, “What is going on? What is wrong with people? How can anyone do such a thing to another human being, especially to a defenseless child?”

I pray that Aliahna didn’t suffer too much when her life was taken. There are no reports that I can find saying what made this man kill her but as far as I am concerned there is no reason good enough to kill a child. A child certainly can not be a threat to anyone. They have no chance when an adult goes after them like this. They simply can’t defend themselves. Like Zahra Baker, she never had a chance. Caylee Anthony never had a chance. None of the other children out there that were taken and murdered had a chance against an adult.

This time of year makes this even harder. It is a time when the children should be laughing and playing and enjoying their life. They should be sitting next to their Christmas tree on Christmas morning opening their gifts that Santa brought them. They shouldn’t be lying in a dumpster somewhere in parts. It just breaks my heart.

I am still praying for the little ones that are missing and the families that are being forced to go on with their lives for the sake of the remaining siblings in the home. My heart goes out to those families. It has to be so hard to put on a front for the other children when in your heart you are grieving for the missing child. I can’t name them all but the two that I followed so close was Adji Desir and Haleigh Cummings. I want the families of these two and all the others that are missing to know that even though I don‘t mention them by name as much, I have not forgotten them and I never will. They are always in my prayers. May God be watching over them, where ever they are.

Please join me in my prayers that the year 2012 will be a better year and that the children in this world will be safer and protected more so no harm will be done to them. God bless the children, they are the future of our world!

Jan Barrett

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