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The global insurgency continues unabated. Last week in Australia.

Some Melbourne Muslim taxi drivers are using their cabs in an Islamic recruiting drive by distributing to their fares DVDs featuring a radical Islamic preacher. The Victorian Taxi Directorate (VTD) has condemned the practice in which cabbies are said to be handing passengers copies of DVDs with titles including Death … Your Time is Up and What Do You Really Know About Islam, News Limited newspapers report.

Hmmm…How about What Do You Really Know About Islam is that Your Time is Up.

Two of the three discs feature Sheik Khalid Yasin, a US-born preacher who has visited Australia several times to deliver lectures. He has said on television it is God’s will that homosexuals are executed, that husbands can beat misbehaving wives, and that the September 11 attacks were not the work of al-Qaeda.

And here we go again. Muslims refusing to honor a contract with infidels and continue to play by their own rules.

A VTD spokesman said the DVD distribution would be investigated and strongly urged passengers to lodge complaints. “The directorate condemns any practices within taxi operations not associated with the core practice of providing a public transport option.

While not commenting officially, a senior Victoria Police officer told News Limited, drivers pushing the DVDs could incite trouble.


“With all the drunks and drug-affected people in and around the city – these sorts of DVDs could offend them and spark trouble.”

Right. It’s those drunk and drug-affected infidel Aussies who will be blamed for any ‘trouble’.

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