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Have the days of old when “The Cosby Show” and “Family Ties” was king on prime time lost their grip on the public viewer? It seems as though American society are the ones who have lost their grip on what is pure, wholesome, and QUALITY television for the whole family. These words, “pure”, “wholesome” and “quality” are not to be misconstrued as “boring”. Whether it is drama or comedy, American television viewers have been subjected to sex, violence and quite honestly filth-ridden language and just plain bad manners on the prime time networks. I have a hard time finding a good show on TV, let alone am able to allow my three-year-old daughter to watch any shows with what is currently on the stations.

There is a serious drought of comedy on the networks, particularly family-safe comedies. Programming has gotten to the point where there is an actual rating on the television screen for the show you are watching, warning the caring parental units what type of content is in the show. Luckily, there is a new comedy called “The Bill Engvall Show” premiering July 17th on the TBS network. Bill Engvall, best known for his stand-up with “The Blue Collar Comedy Tour”, is on a mission to bring back quality family sit-coms where the whole family can watch and parents can relax knowing that there is a family who loves one another on the screen who is not completely inappropriate for the sake of humor. The laughs you will receive are the laughs made from quality writing and a heart dedicated to family. As Bill said in our interview “families of today have become shattered and if I can bring them together for 22 minutes one time a week and make them laugh, then I am doing my job.”

For a man who has always had the reputation of being the family comedian, he has decided to rev it up a notch and take on the challenge of the dying family sit-com. He has confessed to not always being good at acting on television. Learning how to listen was his biggest triumph, especially coming from a background of stand-up when he was the only one speaking. Bill gives all the credit to his wife, Gail, and is blessed to have a family who supports him and is not jaded by his stardom and success, thus making a strong foundation for the new venture he is pursuing.

Check out “The Bill Engvall Show” on TBS premiering Tuesday, July 17th, 9/8c.
Jennifer Pflughaupt for Mungles on Movies

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