It would appear as though the troop surge and restructuring of responsibilities and responses in Iraq is having a positive effect in Baghdad. Army officials have said that the frequency of civil war related violence in the most dangerous areas of Baghdad has gone down by 80 percent in the last month. Nothing was said about the intensity of violence or of how many deaths occurred in a corollary function.

In light of the many and very deadly attacks which have taken place in Iraq over the last few weeks, this comes as welcome news to Republicans and other embattled supporters of the troop surge in Iraq. Unfortunately, although violence against the military has been forced underground, much more civil war violence has begun to appear against civilians.

Although 200 civilians have died in the last two days, coalitions officials are quick to assure the world press that Baghdad is still controlled by their troops. If it ever was truly not under their control, it’s painful to imagine how much worse this war would become.

Nathaniel Jonet

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