Believe it or not, there are plenty of nontraditional jobs that you can approach if you have a law degree. Most people believe that, if you’ve successfully finished Law, you must be a lawyer, judge, or any other member of the legal system.

However, many law students don’t want to get too involved with the aforementioned legal system and, instead, pick up more peculiar jobs and ways to make good use of their law degree.

As such, you can either choose to practice law in an office, as they do at Mark S. Rubinstein, P.C., or you could take a close look at the following eight nontraditional jobs that you can do with a law degree!

Chief Operating Officer

As an operating officer, you will have to deal with all aspects of a certain business. On top of that, the COO also influences everything in a company, from sales to the strategy, HR, legal, and finances.

Overall, a COO makes sure that a business runs under proper operation controls and reporting/administrative procedures.

Corporate Trainer

Trainers teach knowledge and skills to the employees of a company. As a trainer, you may have to train new employees, teach some new business systems or skills, or help with transitioning in the case of a merger.

Corporate trainers are teachers for employees. As such, a litigator would be fit for this kind of job.

Project Manager

Lawyers that have leadership abilities and enjoy mentoring staff may want to try project management if they don’t want to deal with the law anymore.

As a project manager, you’ll have to accomplish a project and its objectives via planning, evaluation, as well as overseeing the activities of the said project.

HR Manager/ Director

Labor or employment attorneys are the perfect fit for this kind of job, especially if they love to work with people and possess a certain level of empathy as well.

HR directors and managers enhance the human resources of a company via implementing, planning, and evaluating relations between employees – and not only.

Internal Recruiter

If you like to put deals together or even better to lead recruiting events for your law firm, then you could do a great job as an internal recruiter for a company.

You’d have to help the company meet its staffing objectives via the recruitment and evaluation of job candidates.


Chief Financial Officer

The CFO must develop and then maintain the financial well-being of the business/ company that he/ she is working for. They are usually backed by a team that informs them of any financial projections, accounting services, and so on.

VP of Business Development

Corporate, licensing, or M&A attorneys are probably the ideal fit for this kind of job. Moreover, if they like to interact and establish relationships with people and, essentially, represent an organization, they can easily be hired as VP of business development.

Content Writer

Although content writing may not help you fill a senior position in a certain company, it will undoubtedly help you make use of your knowledge.

Therefore, if you’re sick of writing legal docs, briefs, and memos, you could move on to news articles, blog posts, content, comments, presentations, and so on.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many other things that you can do as a former Law student and recipient of a Law degree. There are hundreds of jobs that you could apply for even before considering a career in the legal system!In short, don’t start to worry if you get bored with the legal system or if you don’t want to become a lawyer. Almost every other job that you can come across can help you make good use of your knowledge and skills!

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