A friendly reminder as we come upon cold and flu season.  I have found a report pictures only.  My favorite.  Regarding some hot spots in your home that are high traffic for germs.  I have kids so I found it to be quite interesting myself. 

The first hot pot is the refrigerator door handle.  Scientists at the University of Virginia did a study and found that about 40% of the time refrigerator doors and handles were positive for the cold germs.

Second on the list we have the remote control.  Scientists found that cold sufferers leave there germs there.  Which can live for two days or longer. 

Third on the hey don’t breath on me list is, the dishwasher handle. Three out of four handles test positive for the cold germ.  Well the kitchen isn’t fairing to be a good place around cold season.  Take out anyone? 

Fourth on the I feel nauseous list is the bathroom faucets.  YUCK   it ranked within the top contaminated surfaces.  Eight out of ten faucets positive for germs. 

Three out of thirteen light switches tested positive for cold germs.  I feel a craving for hand sanitizer. Salt and pepper shakers are rather germ infested also. For the study, researchers started with salt and pepper shakers owned by 30 adults showing early symptoms of colds. Sixteen tested positive for rhinovirus, which causes about half of all colds. 

Doorknobs did a little better than I thought they would have.  With only six out of eighteen contaminated with germs.  And last but certainly not least the telephone is not safe either.  The scientists also say that anything you touch in your home while infected with a cold or flu germ is going to be contaminated also.  They recommend picking up some antibacterial spray for around the house.

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