75 percent of poll voters say “Yahya Jammeh is a curse for The Gambia.”

….25 percent disagree!!

Jammeh ask to resign in the interest of

peace and good governance!!!

As plans are in high gears for the celebrations of the failed so called military revolution, which toppled the 30 year PPP rule, the Freedom Newspaper today releases preliminary poll results on the theme “Is Yahya Jammeh is a “curse for the Gambia.” Interestingly, 75 percent of the voters who took part on the polls, coordinated by our sister blog www. freedomnewspapercom.blogspot.com said Yahya Jammeh is indeed a curse for the tiny impoverished nation of the Gambia, whilst  25 percent of the voters maintained that Jammeh was not a curse for the country. The idea for the said polls was to measure the dictator’s tenure of office, which is marred by unfinished arrest, torture,  extra judicial killings of perceived opponents, rampant corruption and gross rights abuses. Most of these voters who branded Yahya Jammeh as a curse for the Gambia, comes from different  shade of society. The voting was a secret ballot voting, where each computer owner was allowed to cast one vote. Going by the said opinion poll, Yahya Jammeh is nothing but a “curse for the Gambia and her people.”  There are 12 more days left for the closing of the polls.

The  polling results suggest that Jammeh have  not done much in the areas of human rights, respect for the rule of law, meeting the United Nations Millennium goals, weeding out official graft, accountability and probity. These voters are the least impressed by the current Gambian leader, who is being seen as a stumbling block for “democracy” and development in the West African country.

His self appointed Public Relation Firms are free to counter our polls, but these results  are authentic and undisputable.  These damning statistics would end Jammeh’s “propaganda” that Gambians are behind him. All meaningful Gambians and non Gambians are displeased with the current state of affairs our country had found itself.

While Jammeh is bragging about initiating “white elephant projects” in a span of 13 years, the average Gambian today cannot afford one  decent meal. Poverty stricken Gambians live below the poverty line, while inflation continues to threaten the lives of ordinary Citizens.

The said poll results, don’t speak well for a leader,  who is internationally isolated. Mr.Jammeh must work harder in order to  win the confidence of Gambians,  if he wants to be taken seriously. Bringing so called development projects to the door steps of Gambians without “giving them freedom” and the right to decide the destiny of their country tantamount to undermining the very constitution Jammeh  had sworn to defend. This administration also needs to work hard on alleviating poverty in The Gambia, as the current ailing economic indications suggest that the economy is not moving at all.

Rice, which is the country’s main staple food is out of reach. A bag of rice which used to cost D150 dalasis during the early days of July 22ND 1994 coup is now costing D800 Dalasis. Remember that salaries for Civil Servants are still stagnant. Most of the Civil Servants earned less than D2000 Dalasis. Beside rice, prices for other basic commodities are also skyrocketing on a daily basis. If the current price hike continues, the government should consider declaring a  “major food crisis” to solicit for food aid. We cannot afford to see more  Gambians dying because of hunger related illnesses.

Even though, we are opposed to the celebration of a toppling of a constitution, we urge Jammeh to reflect on his shortcomings as a leader. There is nothing wrong for one to own up to his own mistakes and move on. Jammeh would have done a great service to his country, family, loved ones and supporters if he considered handing over the coutry to any of his trusted party officials and allow democracy to be restored in the country.

The Gambia without Yahya Jammeh would be a great nation to live. A nation to be loved and cherished by freedom loving nations. Such a move,  would help to restore confidence into  the country’s battered image. Jammeh should bear in mind that he  cannot develop the Gambia without donors. Donors played a crucial role in uplifting the lives of citizens of underdeveloped nations like the Gambia.

This administration is cash trap at this hour. No serious investor is targeting the Gambia. Jammeh created the current state of affairs. The Gambia is being considered as an unstable country, where people’s rights and liberties are being infringed with impunity. No serious investor would risk his or her business under such hostile business and political climate.

There was no justification  for July 22ND coup. We have witnessed more corruption, gross right abuses, nepotism and lawlessness in the Gambia. Jammeh and his cohorts have  undermined all the developmental structures put in place by the Jawara government. Today, the country has been ranked as a “failed state” by the  international development index. The country has not only failed politically, but economically as well. There is no serious development project initiated by the current leadership. Most of its projects had been abandoned due to lack of funds.

Major parastatals had also been privatized by the leadership.  NAWEC which is the country’s major electricity and water company is currently in the hands of foreign agents hired by the President to further reap-off the state. The transportation sector is another failed industry. Faced by bad roads, the country also had lost its stable bus system initiated by the PPP administration. Almost, all the Man buses had been grounded. The Jammeh government inherited a stable and reliable bus system from the PPP government, but today the GPTC has been reduced as a “ghost” institution where no serious business activity is taking place. Poor students struggled for lift to school, while low staff moral is the order of the day at the GPTC. The current administration lacks the necessary funds to order new buses. It also lacks funds to increase the salaries of GPTC workers.

The poll  results is the true representative of the realities on the ground in today’s Gambia. The PPP was far better than the APRC. The liberties and freedoms of Gambians were respected under Jawara’s era, despite some shortcomings here and there. Under Jammeh’s rule is the reverse. People are oppressed on a daily basis. No freedom of speech, no jobs, no sound economy, no quality education, no accountability, no ethics in the Civil Service, no salary increment, the list goes on and on….

The Freedom Newspaper Editorial Board  want to commend  the voters for speaking their mind on the devil we have at the State House. It’s up to Jammeh and his supporters to accept the results in good faith, but the truth be told the average Gambian is displeased with Jammeh’s  appalling governance records. Our people want to see the end of the dictator’s rule. The fall of Jammeh would be celebrated countrywide. He is an obstacle to progress, freedom, rule of law and basic liberties.

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