This is the line that CNN and other news organizations are running. The skimming, burning, and dispersal efforts have disposed of 74% of the oil that was unleashed on the Gulf of Mexico. While it may be technically proved that 74% of the oil has been dealt with, where did it go? Yes it may well be true that 25% of the oil was disposed of by controlled burns, who knows what damage to the Gulf that caused!

I can not argue that the chemical dispersant’s may well have dealt with another 25%. But, what happened? Was the cure worse than the disease? How much damage was done to the ecosystem?

Almost 25% of the oil was apparently recovered in skimming operations and land recovery.

This all sounds good, it sounds as if there is forward movement. But is that true?

What is really happening in the Gulf?

I for one do not go for the spin that BP put on it. I for one do not buy into the spin that media such as CNN apply.

Here are two pictures from a very good and trusted friend.


Which one would you eat?

Simon and Jan Barrett

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