Guy, McCoy and Torme: Bitter & Twisted

No not a new mixed drink, supergroup of sorts this lot have played with far more people that this column has room to list. Their resumes would make most musicians weep with frustration. There are a couple bands that can clearly seen to have influenced the sound on here however…those being Ozzy and Desperado (Dee Snider’s post/pre Twisted Sister band that released one great album that was torpedoed). There is a strong hint of the attitude of Ted Nugent on this album as well which is a very good thing indeed. There is a Thin Lizzy vibe here because of the hint of Irishness. Two of this lot met while in Gillan and have always wanted to work together again. Unlike some supergroups this one lives up to its name. While it might never reach the fame of Asia or Audioslave there is plenty of merit on this CD and not a hint of self-indulgence.

If you like your hard rock with lots of whiskey and grit then this is album for you. Just take a listen to ‘Rocky Road (from Dublin)’ or the title track. This is cracking heavy rock, played with talent, ability and a dose of attitude…what else do you need really?

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