shea-shea-yates.jpegA 2 year old little girl lost her life as she slept through a burning home, that her older brother set on fire. Shea Shea Yates was found by firefighters dead in her bedroom early Monday morning. The home was a trailer in Petersburg, Virginia, and the girl’s father, Cecil Yates said that the fire took over the home and it burned to the ground in only 6 minutes.

Cecil tried desperately to save his daughter but he said the smoke and the flames were just too much, but sadly was learned was that the fire was actually started by their own 7 year old son.

Shea Shea’s mother claims the fire was a preventable tragedy. The boy admitted to the police that he had started the fire with a lighter and a blanket. Shockingly though according to the boy’s parents the behavior of the boy is part of a pattern.

“We’ve tried to get our son help,” said the boy’s mother, Wendy Peatree. “He’s set fire to our neighbor’s trailer a few months ago on Christmas night he left in the middle of the night and rode his bike up 460 for four miles.”

“He also has been cruel to animals and killed them,” said Peatree. They claim that their son is getting help from Tuckers Mental Institution.

I would like to know who they tried to get help from for this child. Were they refused help before now or has he been in therapy? I think if this were me I would be asking some questions. If this little boy was capable of setting homes on fire like this he should have been put somewhere that he couldn’t do any harm to anyone until he got the help he needed. Now he is going to have to live with the fact that due to his actions his little sister is gone.

What a sad situation for a family to have to go through! My heart and prayers go to the family. Last night there was a candle light vigil held in front of the burnt mobile home with sixty people from the small community gathering together to pray for the little girl that lost her life.

The Red Cross has stepped in to help the family find a new place to live and friends are planning to establish a fund to raise money to help the family replace some of the things that they lost in the fire.

I pray that this little boy gets the help he needs before some other tragedy happens.

Jan Barrett

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