If this doesn’t affect you then my opinion of you is that you must be heartless. A 7 week old baby can’t tell you where they hurt. They don’t understand what is happening to them. According to Dr. James Gill, the state of Connecticut’s chief medical examiner this child was a healthy child other than this virus.

They have not determined a cause of death yet. An autopsy has been done but more tests are needed before they can determine an exact cause of death.

This baby was actually less than 7 weeks old according to Governor Ned Lamont. He says this is just a reminder to everyone that no one is safe with this virus. Children have made a small fraction of coronavirus cases worldwide. A letter was published in the New England Journal of Medicine by Chinese researchers last month reporting the death of a 10 month old baby that had the COVID-19. The child had a bowel blockage and organ failure. The baby died after being in the hospital for four weeks.

It is being reported that Pediatrics have traced 2100 infected children in China and that there was one death of a 14 year old. They say that less than 6% of children were seriously ill.

What is it going to take for people to start taking this virus crap seriously? How many people are going to die from it? It is bad enough that adults are getting this virus but an innocent baby, it just isn’t right.

Please parents it is up to you to keep the children safe. Do your part and keep those kids inside, please. I am not saying it will be easy but just keep them home so this doesn’t happen to one of yours. The death of a baby really sets me off. It upsets me more than anything. Take this seriously, it could save your child’s life.

God bless you all!


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