Outsourcing proves to be India’s leading source of income as seven Indian cities garnered the award for the most favored outsourcing destinations in the world. This proves that India is the leader when it comes to outsourcing.

The seven Indian cities that managed to be in the list are: New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderadad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Kolkata.

More than 60 outsourcing companies joined in the survey to come up with the result. These cities rated higher than their rival Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Manila City in the Philippines, Shanghai in China and Moscow, Russia.

Sao Paulo, Warsaw and Krakow were found at the bottom of the list.

India currently have 50 percent of the total outsourcing market in the world. At his point, it is able to assert its dominance in the outsourcing world. It is believed that India will continue to dominate for a long time because of its skillful and educated labor pool, the efficiency of the delivery services and ease to acquire additional manpower due to India’s population.

US-based consultancy neoIT used the following criteria for the survey – human capital, costs, infrastructure and environment factors such as the quality of life in the place.

Ho Chi Minh City at eight spot has huge skilled labor supply available as 100,000 students graduate each year. Manila ranked at no. 9 is the preferred destination for BPO catering to US clients. Shanghai at no. 10 has huge pool of talents but lack English skills. (AFP)

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