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This story shows why it might be important to be careful when checking your lottery ticket at your local 7-Eleven.

Art Campos at the Sacramento Bee is reporting:

A man who went to a 7-Eleven in Roseville to check on his lottery tickets had picked the right numbers, but state officials said it was the clerk who almost hit the jackpot.

The female clerk told the customer he won $4 on his Mega Millions picks for Aug. 14, and then pocketed his winning ticket worth $555,000, California Lottery officials said.

However, the clerk’s alleged scheme fell apart after the unnamed victim became suspicious and called lottery officials.

It turns out that California lottery officials were not very amused:

Donald Currier, the lottery’s chief legal counsel, said it was the second time in two years that a retail clerk had been arrested for allegedly stealing a winning ticket.

“To any clerks out there who think they can steal a winning ticket, we’ll get you,” Currier said. “Clerks just don’t get away with it.”

Apparently, this also happened in 2006 in Southern California.

Lottery security officials recommend you always sign your tickets. This will make it a lot harder for a dishonest employee to try to take advantage of the situation.

Sacramento Bee article, here.

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