And most of them didn’t even smoke. And that number is just one of my conservative, educated-type guesstimates, too (they always are). Talk about Lola running, due to the high number of young women leaving eastern Germany for the non-American West, the German men they left behind now find themselves relatively home alone and unattended, sitting forlornly in front of the TV set and not even aware of the fact that they will be forced to get up and go grab the next damned beer themselves. The heartless #!*$?#*! And to add insult to injury, these men are also being categorized as a brand new German underclass “which is threatening to establish itself permanently.”

Now maybe I’m missing something here ladies, but I thought that the human male had always been an underclass and had established himself permanently as such way back in 2334 BC. Okay, maybe without the TV and the beer, but still.

Anyway, it appears as if the well-educated women between 18 and 29 “over there” aren’t nearly as hesitant to leave their “no future” homeland and try their luck somewhere else as the less educated men seem to be. In some corners of East Germany the drop in women is up to 25 percent and the higher proportion of men there often leads these men to play around with dumme Gedanken (dumb ideas) like right wing extremism or even, gulp, daytime TV.

Of course we all know what’s coming next. Once these girls get settled in over here they’ll change their minds again (you know how they are) and leave the country altogether. But that’s another story.

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