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By Staff Writer Karafa Badjie,Banjul
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Gambia’s Foreign Minister Bala Garba Jahumpa, is currently in Tehran to witness the opening of the country’s embassy in that anti Western country, headed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad, the Freedom  Newspaper can reveal. Accompanied by a  high powered government delegation, Minister Musa Balla Jahumpa officially opened the embassy, which is currently being headed by his predecessor Lamin  Kaba Badjo. Badjo was fired recently in a cabinet changes spearheaded by President Jammeh. Few months later, he was called to the State House, where the President offered him an Ambassadorial position, which he accepted. Leaks from the State House in Banjul say the Gambian Tehran Embassy was opened on Sunday by the Foreign Minister. Minister Jahumpa was quoted as saying that the Jammeh government was committed to collaborate with Iran in all aspects. Jahumpa says the Iran/Gambia relationship was bound to yeild fruit as both leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to work together in all aspects of development. Minister Jahumpa praised the Iranian leader for his stead fast over the years. The Iranian government is expected to open a mission in Banjul soon, official sources hinted.Iran refuses to give up its nuclear programs despite international outcry. Its President  during a visit to the Gambia in  2006, blasted the United States and other foreign powers, accusing them of trying to dominate the world. His host President Jammeh in a statement also accuses the West of waging a war against Islam and therefore calls on Muslims to defend their religion. Jammeh faulted the US led war on terror, which he earlier gave his full political support. His open condemnation against the war on terror started when the US Millennium Challenge Board suspended the Gambia, as beneficiaries of the global fund. It cited growing official corruption, right abuses and lack of media freedom in former British colony to justify the suspension.

Minister Jahumpa and his delegation are expected in Banjul this week. The two governments had  agreed to promote trade, tourism,culture among others since the signing of a  bilateral agreement. State House sources said the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh could not witness the opening of the embassy due to insecurity. Since the March abortive coup allegedly led by Colonel Ndure Cham, President Jammeh had minimized his overseas trips. It’s reported that the President lacked faith into the army’s top brass some whom he doubts their loyalty at this hour. 

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