6176_1023392204516_1816578384_47783_6752303_n.jpgIf you live in the Gainsville, Florida area the name TJ Hart will be a familiar one. He is a well known Radio voice on The Sky 97.3. Sports fans know him because of his coverage of the Florida Gators, news fans know him as the voice reporting today’s headlines, and commuters will recognize him as the guy that sometimes hosts the Breakfast and afternoon local programs. Also as an occasional guest on national TV.

My wife Jan and I know him as a great friend that we have yet to meet face to face. And a man that is welcome in our house anytime he cares to visit.

There is another side to TJ Hart, one that people may not know, his interest in music. I am a music reviewer, and like to think that I am reasonably well read on the subject. I noticed early on with my conversations with TJ that he clearly knew his way around the subject. I assumed that his knowledge likely was gleaned solely as a by-product of his being involved with radio.

Not so!

TJ Hart is quite the acomplished singer and songwriter. A few months ago he came out of the ‘musicians closet’ and started posting a few tunes on YouTube.

He certainly caught my attention. Each song he has published has bested the previous. It would be great to put him in a studio with some session players.

On Tuesday at noon eastern I will be sitting down with TJ Hart to talk about his music, and much more. We will also be playing some of his original tracks.

To listen in live to this great program please use this link.

Simon Barrett

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