The one thing that I have figured out, and this may seem odd, the best people to interview are people with a Pilots License! They are always right on time. Of course you have to explain it in Zulu time (GMT) but they are Johnny on the spot.

Authors while not having the precision of pilots tend to be a little lacking in the time telling business, they they usually turn up 5 minutes later than the agreed time. But at least you have a few minutes to talk to them before the dreaded On Air signal.

Musicians, well they are a whole different breed. Musicians turn up when they do. Music and clocks just seem to be a huge problem. They turn up hours, even days later than scheduled.

I was pretty certain that TJ Hart, being both a Radio/TV guy, and a musician would be the exception.  Well it did not quite work that way. I heard the dreaded On Air in 5, 4 3, 2, 1….

Eek. this is a nightmare, but one that I remember all to well. You toss the script out of the window, and just ad-lib. I had been down this dark ally before. Of course the silver lining with working with a musician is that  you can generally buy some time to gather your thoughts by playing a track or two of their music.

The good news is that a few minutes into the program I spotted TJ on the switchboard, life is good!

Just as authors tend to model their characters on real people, musicians often compose songs based on their life experiences.

Having listened to TJ Hart’s newest set of songs, and having spent many hours talking to him about every subject under the sun but music, I started to see that the six songs that he has put together so far for his ‘From My Eclectic Guitar series are hugely personal journeys into who TJ Hart is.

Listening to TJ explain the stories behind the songs was fascinating. It was a journey inside his mind.

Although I had planned the interview for 60 minutes, I had a hunch that we would run over, and we sure did.

I have to say that I learned a great deal about my friend TJ Hart from this interview. Excuse the pun, but we got to the heart of the Hart!

If you missed the live program, you can listen to the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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