As a book reviewer I learned many years ago that fact is indeed stranger than fiction. The story started several months ago when through the grapevine I got wind of a book in the works that was likely to be explosive. The subject and title was a mystery. Even the name of the publisher was unknown.

As time went on I managed to get some scraps, not much, but enough for me to make an educated guess. The release date was to be for September/11 and one of the authors was a seasoned author and war correspondent. My guess was that the book had to be about the attack in Benghazi.

September/11 came and went, more scraps came my way/ The release date had been pushed back to October/27. Rumor had it that it had something to do with a TV program. It has been my experience that Sunday’s are not the best day to launch a book. What current affairs program might have an interest in promoting a book?

Two weeks before the book hit the market, more data became available. Finally I had a title, The Embassy House, I also had a publisher, Simon & Schuster. A week before publication the fog lifted, the TV program was 60 Minutes. CBS is the owner of Simon & Schuster, so a little bit of mutual back scratching made perfect sense.

Usually I have access to books prior to publication, but not this time. I was an insider on the outside. I watched 60 Minutes segment and to be honest it really did not add much to the Benghazi story. We all know the outcome of Benghazi, four Americans, including ambassador  J. Christopher Stevens lost their lives at the hands of terrorists.

On the day following the CBS broadcast I received a copy of The Embassy House. I also received a tip that Morgan Jones/Dylan Davies was about to have a smear campaign launched against him.

I read The Embassy House in a single sitting, What I found stunning was that CBS had chosen such a small portion of the story to focus on. The story of Benghazi is what led up to the attack, rather than the gory details of the attack itself.

It did not take long for the brown stuff to hit the fan. Clearly Benghazi is not a popular subject in Washington. The Dems don’t want to touch it because of who they might field in 2016, and the GOP is way too busy trying to potty train the Tea Party.

The effort to discredit Dylan Davies has been huge. But I rather like this article from the Washington Times.

I don’t know Dylan, I have never talked to him or had any contact with him. I do however have other sources that know Dylan and I have to buy into his story. I would give you the link to The Embassy House, but Simon & Schuster (owned by CBS) have pulled the book.

Don’t trash Dylan until the dust settles, which could be a while,

Simon  Barrett

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