It’s official: this is the era of high tech! Technology is everywhere and always seems to be evolving, from labour-saving devices like robot hoovers to the latest smartphones and smart speakers, there’s always something new on the market.

With so much available, it’s no surprise that for many, tech is more than an interest: it’s a passion.

#1 You peer under the hood

Everybody enjoys the latest piece of technology, but only the devoted few go one step further and actually try to understand how these devices work. Techies will often spend their spare time deconstructing bits of kit and putting them back together, all to gain a better understanding of the device’s internal workings. If you find yourself reading books and watching video tutorials on this topic, then the chances are you’re a techie.

#2 You work (or want to work) within the industry

The technology sector is booming. If technology is your passion, then it’s highly likely that you either work within the industry or are building up enough experience to make a move. Tech jobs are near endless and there’s something for everyone, from coding to assembling physical circuit boards.

#3 You spend your downtime with tech

This is perhaps the most defining trait. Many people use their downtime to watch a film or listen to music, but not techies. If you look forward to the end of the day so that you can tinker with a project, peer inside a bit of new tech or read about the latest releases, then you’re a serious techie. How you spend your time off says a lot about who you are as a person and shows where your heart lies.

#4 You embark on tech DIY projects

Tech DIY differs from the traditional kind because it often involves complex and hard-to-source components. True techies will often find themselves scouring the internet to find rare components and using search engines like Octopart to trace a supplier. The task can be exhausting, but getting your hands on those components means a new project and an even deeper understanding of how tech works.

#5 People think you have your own vocabulary

Let’s face it, tech has a lot of unique terms. There are programming languages like HTML5 and Java, as well as things like API and biometrics. Some of these might seem completely meaningless to the layman, but you understand them all. Friends and family might think that you’re in a world of your own, but tech is a second language with which you’re intimately familiar.

#6 You’ve built your own computer

Often the high watermark of a techie’s achievements and almost a right of passage, building your own computer takes time, money, dedication and lots of in depth knowledge.

The end result is hugely rewarding, but true tech enthusiasts savor the process just as much as the culmination. If you’ve built (or even contemplated) building a PC from scratch then you can certainly consider yourself a true techie at heart.

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