For the past few years, communication and computing have changed tremendously to shape the way people live, think, and work. During this change, broadband networks also have to keep up with the pace. With more services moving online, an internet connection for businesses has to be up to the top of the job to handle many tasks. 

The ITU (International Telecommunication Union) recommends that raising your home broadband speed by 10% could raise GDP for countries, such as the UK. If you’re planning to switch to high-speed internet, here are some of the reasons you need to do so. 

1.Watch TV Shows and Movies

A 4K video comprises a lot of data, and you will require super-fast broadband so you can stream it. Services like Netflix can compensate for slower connections by downgrading the quality of videos you watch. If most of the streaming services are connected to your internet wirelessly, the Wi-Fi connection created by the router may affect performance. 

The good news is that network connections are becoming faster, and the average download speed has increased by up to 35%. Fast download speed is essential for streaming TV shows and movies at home.

2. Play Video Games

The growth of Twitch streaming and eSports has ushered in the brand-new era of video games, which introduce players to an age of battle royals and micro-transactions. PCs and consoles are becoming powerful and advanced, offering a great online experience that serves up jaw-dropping and seamless gameplay. 

Whether you’re playing an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game or connecting with many gamers across the globe, your network connection shouldn’t drop out.

3. Boost Small Businesses

Small businesses in places surrounded by strong broadband services from the government have increased their turnover. Accessing broadband with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) means that your small business may provide a flexible working environment for workers so they can work from home, in a different country, or another office. 

Quite a number of individuals are searching for jobs that offer a good work-life balance, providing greater flexibility of where and when they may work. With such, the flexible work environment may lead to an all-round happier workforce and increase productivity. Apart from increasing productivity for small businesses, broadband can also result in:

  • Bettering collaboration
  • Supporting social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat
  • Enhancing communication between workers

4. Support Devices at Home

Devices, such as tablets, PCs, TV boxes, notebooks, and media players, use internet connection. You may use super-fast broadband to comfortably support these devices in your home. For you to determine how much bandwidth connection your home requires, you have to know how many devices will assess network daily or regularly. 

5. File Sharing

Cloud computing is simple, meaning business’s data and software applications can be hosted far away. As ominous as this might sound, Cloud solutions are more secure to offer online backup in case the worst happens. 

With fast broadband, cloud services become simple, and files can easily be accessed. This is important if you have security issues. In addition to that, super-fast broadband can enable you to increase server storage and cloud capacity; thus, reducing the costs related to hardware. 

6. Shop Online

The use of online tools in a workplace brings with it the need for reliable, fast, and secure internet. Programs, such as Google Apps, ClickMeeting, Alfresco One, and Salesforce, all need a fast and reliable internet connection to operate at their optimum level. When it comes to online shopping, fast internet is important to give you the ability to look for products without physically visiting different stores. With the internet, you can also compare the costs of different products and go through online reviews to make the right decisions. 

The Bottom Line!

For people and businesses, fast and reliable internet is another important utility. Many businesses use the internet to access everything starting from credit card processing to customer communication. With dependable broadband, you can watch TV shows, play video games, share files, shop online, and boost your small enterprise.

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