Job hunting can be a daunting task for applicants, especially if you aren’t getting interviews. There are many reasons why job seekers struggle to land key interviews at the company of their dreams, but the most common is an underwhelming or detrimental resume.

Some professionals have resume creation down to a science, but if you haven’t been on the job market for a while or are struggling with what to say, it may be time to consider a resume service. Resume service providers specialize in all things hiring and can help you secure more interviews and ace the ones you already have.

Let’s check out the six reasons top resume writing services can help you land more interviews when you’re not getting calls back.

H2- Skilled and Credentialed Writers

Resume services employ skilled writers who can help you craft the perfect resume to send to prospective employers. These employees or freelancers understand the mechanics of writing and the things that hiring managers look for on resumes. If you don’t write for work or don’t write often, it may be a good idea to seek out a professional who does. There is no better place to look for one than at a resume service.

When vetting a resume service, ask about their writers’ credentials and work experience to ensure you work with a reputable firm.

Some certifications to look for in a writing service:

• National Resume Writer’s Association (NRWA)
• Master Resume Writer (MRW)
• Certified Expert Resume Writer (CERW)
• Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW)
• Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW)

H2- Specialized Knowledge

One of the biggest reasons for hiring a resume service is the specialized knowledge you will access as a client. Firms in the resume business hire employees who deal solely with resumes—creating them and coaching customers about theirs.

They know what parts of your work experience that you should highlight and how you should put your best foot forward in your resume. They understand the hiring process and what employers look for on a resume. It is critical that you work with a firm that excels at landing its customers more interviews.

H2- Industry Specific Value-Adds 

Another reason you may want to consider using a resume service is their specific experience working with the industry you are applying to. Some people think of a resume as a catch-all document that does not change from job application to job application. However, this is not true. Your resume should be tailored to the position you are applying for. A good resume service firm should have well-rounded experience in dealing with a variety of industries. Their experts will know how to highlight portions of your resume that speak to specific hiring managers. They will also know if there are any sections of your resume to downplay to make a better impression.

H2 – Promoting Non-Traditional Work Experience

If you have gaps in your work history or have non-traditional work experience, working with a resume service would be beneficial. Resume services understand if you have an unusual resume. There are job seekers who take time off to raise their families or volunteer, while others have an untraditional career trajectory.

There are even some professionals who want to change industries after years or decades of experience in others. All these situations can be advantageous to the job-seeking process, but they need to be presented correctly.

This is an area in which a resume service provider can help you out. A professional provider can help craft your work history to effectively show how these situations can be used as a job-seeking strength. Should any of these situations apply to you, it would be best to work with a resume writer for the most effective way to present your work history.

H2- Consultative Package Offerings 

More than just the benefit of creating your resume, a service provider can help you in other areas of the job-seeking process. A good resume firm takes a consultative approach with its clients. That means they will provide you with insight into sending your resume, communicating with a company, and how to interview when the time comes eventually.

H2 – More Prominently Featuring What You Bring to the Position

Many job seekers struggle with how to sell their benefits to prospective employers. But resumes should do more than simply list your work history. They must effectively convey your professional accomplishments.

Some people don’t feel comfortable showcasing their skills or calling attention to what they have done. As understandable as that may be, it’s not ideal for your ever-critical work document.

If you haven’t mastered the art of selling your qualifications, you should look to a resume service for assistance. Their writers can employ creative ways to showcase your skills without coming off as boastful, which helps separate you from the competition.

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