There’s a common saying that to get your ad noticed, you need to get it in the face of customers at least seven times.

But marketing techniques and styles are constantly evolving in this age of advanced digital technology, and this old practice may no longer be effective. However, it does underline how difficult it can be getting your business noticed by your target market.

Your brand represents the personality you’re hoping your company can project in the minds of your primary audience. That’s why you want it to reflect, as much as possible, the vision and mission of your company. And more importantly, you want it to be in the face of the right audience.

So, what are the core elements to get your brand noticed by the right people?

One: Create a unique brand logo

Your logo is the visual summary of what your company is all about. It captures the essence of your brand.

But first, you need to be 100 percent sure that your selected business name is right and resonates with your target audience; otherwise you may have to do a rework of your banding at a later time.

Creating a distinct logo also requires you have a good grasp of colour psychology and how it relates to your market demographics. Colours are often interpreted based everyone’s personal biases. But a fairly accurate guide shows that blue communicates trust and reliability, and yellow gives a feeling of warmth and optimism, as examples.

Understanding the instant sentiments a colour could trigger will help you in choosing the right design elements in your logo that will send the desired signals and reaction in your target market.

Two: Develop the right brand personality

Your logo powerfully communicates a feature of your brand personality, but in a lot more ways than that, there are several other characteristics of your brand that define its unique personality. Your goal is to make sure that kind of brand personality your company directly or indirectly projects fits the lifestyle and visions of your target market.

One way to get this done is the use of the right imagery. Make sure you’ve studied and understood your primary audience and then pick the right images in all of your brand expressions, marketing or branding campaigns.

For example, if your company or product is focused on the millennial market, your images should convey action, excitement, fun, speed and change.

Three: Design a responsive website

In most cases, your website is larger, more interactive a reflection of your logo; and so all the design elements highlighted in your logo creation should apply also. These include your choice of colour, font, and imagery.

This is your main online marketing asset and a lot of creative thinking should be invested in it. While a beautiful web design is very key for aesthetic appeal, your focus with your web design should be on functionality, easy navigation and generally great user experience every time for the visitor.

These will automatically boost your SEO ranking, web page traffic and with telling positive impacts on your brand visibility, marketability and profit-making potentials. You can start the process of designing a responsive website with a web builder today.

Four: Explore the power of email marketing

How you get your message to your leads in a more personalised way and on an ongoing basis? How do you ensure your brand’s voice is heard in a noisy digital space?

Your best tool is professional email marketing. It helps you deliver useful contents in private email boxes and build good long term relationship with subscribers.

But email marketing is tougher than most brands owners thing. You must clearly the subtle and effective techniques of email marketing, and the psychology of web users. That is where the expert services of world leading and experienced email marketing content writers are needed.

They offer thoughtful, deliberate approach that guarantees high responsive rates and a significant boost to your brand market share.

Five: Create an explainer video

Videos are very effective marketing tools because they provide a personal and visual touch, which are a big influence in buyer psychology. Create a short and professional explainer video and post on YouTube to reinforce your brand awareness and visibility.

Six: The best person to sell your product is YOU

A web site is great, but don’t forget about your local audience. Local markets are a great way to get some ‘word of mouth’ advertising


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