Details are sketchy at this time, but a huge operation was launched at 9:30am GMT this morning to evacuate all 539 personnel from the North Sea platform Safe Scandinavia. The operation involved 13 helicopters from both the RAF and Coastguard. The evacuees were transferred to various other platforms in the area. The Safe Scandinavia is approximately 130 miles off the Aberdeen coast. The evacuation is being co-ordinated by the Grampian police. The platform itself is not an active rig, but is what is known as a ‘Flotel’ an R&R location for workers.

The problem seems to have something to do with a woman, who may have made some sort of bomb threat, sources said. It is not believed to be terrorism-related. Jake Molloy, an offshore workers union representative, was skeptical that any bomb like device could be smuggled onto a rig because of “very, very rigid” security restrictions.

According to Sky News there are bomb disposal teams en route to the platform. To complicate matters further a spokesman for the Aberdeen Coastguard said it was a “large scale” operation and that two platforms were involved, but that just one was being evacuated at this time.

No doubt the details will be dribbling in shortly.

Simon Barrett

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