Breaking News:500,000 illegal immigrants in the UK disappointed!

500,000 illegal immigrants in the UK


…As their hope of becoming

legal residents shattered!

“Anti-immigration groups and other commentators have rubbish such claims and contested that people living in the country must do so legally or be shown the exit door.”

By By Editor Alhagie Mbye, Our London Bureau  Chief
Following hope and anticipation by half a million illegal immigrants in the United Kingdom, about twenty percent of them understood to be Africans to be granted amnesty and have their papers regularised by the Home Office, there are clear indications that such expectation had disappeared resulting to immense disappointment to those affected.
Human rights campaigners, Citizens Organising Foundation (COF), fears that such calls for regularisation of migrant workers currently being pushed for may not receive the required attention of the government now or even in the near future.
During the past few months, minority group newspapers and magazines including certain section of the British community had revealed negotiation indicating that illegal immigrants are expected to be issued with papers in order to help them with the legal status to work in the country without fear of deportation.
Telephone calls and text messages were sent to people appealing for support in-favour of such an amnesty and a special telephone number was identified to that effect. Immigrants from all over the world in the UK including students, nurses, doctors, refugees and asylum seekers and professionals joined the appeal.
This correspondent received a message informing him to call and petition on behalf of such illegal immigrants. The message reads: “Please help us ring this number as a means to put some weight to our appeal for amnesty…and please kindly forward it to anyone you trust can support our appeal for legalisation”
At first, I thought it was a hoax and I never took the message seriously. But soon after, another message arrived and I decided to speak to a solicitor and asked what was going on. The respected solicitor responded that it was a genuine petition on behalf of the illegal immigrants and needed some form of support.
However, reports of government’s reluctant to tackle the issue will leave the fate of least 500,000 illegal workers, including Africans hanging in the balance. Human Right Groups including Citizens Organisation Foundation took its campaign for such regularisation to the House of Commons and demanded action.
Austen Ivereigh coordinator of the Foundation said there is no respite in sight yet. Quoted in a London newspaper affiliated with African affairs, the Foundation coordinator noted: ‘I do not see anything happening too soon in terms of regularization of unregularised migrant workers. The government is very reluctant, but there is a momentum being built which is a motive behind the debate’.
The COF has been calling for amnesty since in the beginning on the basis those immigrants are making a positive contribution to the British economy and deserve some kind of protection by issuing them with legal papers.
Another report by the Trade Union (TUC) also praised migrant worker for boosting growth in the economy  while stressing that migrants workers had not ‘depressed wages or pushed up unemployment among Britons’ despite claims from anti immigration group Migration Watch UK that immigrants place extra pressure on housing and public services.
The TUC in its report entitled The Economics of Migration says without workers from abroad many sectors in the economy would find it hard to operate or may even collapse. However observers who disagree with the Union insisted that people should respect the immigration law or else there is no other option but to leave the country.
TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said ‘Migrants workers are making a substantial contribution to Britain’s economy, and some sectors would collapse if they were removed overnight. They haven’t caused mass unemployment or held wages down as some would have us believe’.
However anti-immigration groups and other commentators have rubbish such claims and contested that people living in the country must do so legally or be shown the exit door. But the TUC always insisted and believe that inspite of the benefits migrants workers brings, not enough was been done to protect these workers from unscrupulous employers taking advantage of employees’ lack of knowledge of their rights.
Some influential people had also supported the petition for amnesty and John Crudass, MP said that case work show that those ‘without legal status in the UK are most exploited and often the most abused by employers, landlords and criminal gangs, yet they contribute to the economy’s income through their taxes’.
The MP acknowledged that he is aware that the issue is very difficult politically , but it is incumbent on everyone including local politicians and public policy makers to speak up for some of those people who have no voice and no traction in the political process.
The outspoken MP said that the debate is about providing possible remedies sometimes called amnesty, ‘but I prefer the term an earned regularisation to status of up to or possibly more than 500,000 people in this country’.
According to the Home Office, asylum applications have continued to fall dramatically. Figures show that 5,680 asylum applications were lodged in the first quarter of 2007, representing a ten per cent fall in applications compared to financial year 2006/7 and the previous financial year, giving the lowest yearly intake since 1993. Thanks to the immigration regulations.
The top applicant were Afghan (755), Iranian (600) and Chinese (480) nationals. Including dependants, 3,370 failed asylum seekers were removed between January and March 2007 because most of  them exauhasted their appeals. Due to EU law, such removal also show a fall of six per cent because following the expansion of the EU, nationals of a number of countries can now live and work in the UK. However, the average monthly rate of asylum removals, 1,045 in Quarter 2 2004, remains 63 per cent higher than Quarter 2 in 1997 (640). It has just been announced that marriages in the UK have also declined drastically.
Certain governemnt officials have maintained that due to the fact that people want an asylum and immigration system that they can have faith in, the system must be tighten . A package of reforms has been introduced in a Bill to prevent abuse of the immigration laws, while underlining other commitment to providing support to refugees so that they can make a full contribution to the British way of life.
Free legal services and advice is provided to such individual and many of these people from around the world who are ignorant of British law are advice to consult relevant bodies and institution for help instead of relying to false information.
The Home Office have always stressed that the governemnt is very committed to providing a safe haven to those fleeing persecution and helping refugees to integrate and contribute to the society.
Meanwhile commentators on African affairs have shifted the blame on corrupt African leaders who failed to respect fundamental human rights or provide basic facilities for its citizens thus forcing them to depart from the continent in droves.
One such critic Jim Wyle told this correspondent that ‘It is true that most of these illegal immigrants are in fact economic migrants and you cannot blame them in any way. When African leaders engaged in massive corruption and flamboyance while ordinary citizens and are unbelievably starving….then we must fault such self-centered leaders for failing that great continent’.
Meanwhile, reports monitored by this correspondent revealed that French prosecutors have launched d an investigation into the alleged embezzlement by two African leaders following complaints by some agencies that such assets have been bought with stolen money. The allegations indicate that some of the properties in the name of their sons, daughters, nephews and other family members include a Paris mansion ‘owned’ by Gabon President Omar Bongo and his family and a luxurious townhouse ‘owned’ by Congo’s leader Denis Sassou Nguesso.
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