I have yet to attend a class where even those of us at the top of the class got every question correct. When you consider the fact that I am a history major and as such very few of my classes involve something like chemistry, anatomy or biology, it becomes very frightening to think what percentage of questions are missed in those classes.
     Some students really like classes where the instructor is known for grading easy. Others prefer classes where the instructor is difficult to get a good grade from.
    I regularly hear about classes graded on the curve where the top grades are in the 60 percent range.
    In other words, even the best students seldom score 100% accuracy. Is it any wonder then that when they hit real life and are not looking at text books and working with a net of having a do-over available that mistakes are made?
   Doctors are humans. They are former students who made mistakes in class and now are making other mistakes. The real tragedy is that instead of accepting that they are human and are performing a delicate and difficult task society is so sue happy that malpractice suits are a constant threat that become a self-fulfilling prophecy because of the excess pressure they put on the doctors.
    Not that I am advocating the removal of malpractice suits…simply more understanding and thought before we do them. I have yet to see an industry that does not make mistakes every day…it is just in the medical field, health is so fragile that those mistakes are amplified and sometimes people forget…doctors are just people trying to do the best they can and trying to make sure their mistakes aren’t lethal.

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