Nathan-OBrien-and-KathrynHow can anyone disappear out of thin air? It seems that it happens a lot when you look at the missing persons list. I receive notices every day about a young child disappearing and they can’t be found. Cases I have covered like for little HaLeigh Cummings and Adji Desir both from Florida to name a few have never been solved. These children along with a lot of others have never been found.

Alvin-LIKNESWell another case involving a 5 year old little boy from Calgary, Alberta, Canada has now been missing for 12 days and it appears the officials are not even close to finding him yet. The puzzling part in this case though is that not only has little Nathan disappeared but so has his grandparents. He was left on a Sunday night to spend the night with his grandparents and when his mother arrived the next morning no one was at home.

Nathan’s Mom claims the house the empty and it appeared that the house was not left in a normal condition apparently. After investigating the police concluded that a violent incident had occurred inside the home but didn’t give out details of what they found.

The grandparents, Kathryn and Alvin Lyknes, were hosting an estate sale before their plan to move to Edmonton and then on to Mexico. Now the investigators are asking that anyone that might have been at the house for the estate sale to please contact the police for questioning about anything they may have seen that could help in solving this mystery.

Rod and Jennifer OBrienThe family is torn apart over the disappearance of the three. Kathryn’s brother, Randy Prevost, was quoted as saying, “Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine anything like this. You’ve watched movies and seen things like this, but it’s not real.”

Police are saying that they are looking into the family’s business dealings in their investigation. They say there are reports that Alvin Lyknes had recently been forced to close his small gas exploration company.

A spokesperson for the Calgary police, Kevin Brookwell said he has never seen a case like this one in his 35 years working for the service. “As the days pass, it does pose its challenges,” he said.

They have searched three landfills for a few days. Brookwell said, “Shortly after the disappearance was reported we made contact with the three landfill sites in Calgary and we asked that all refuse from Calgary and the surrounding areas that goes to those three landfills sites be segregated off.”

Brookwell said that some items have been taken from the landfills but couldn’t say if they were related to this case. He said that there are more than 100 people working on the case exploring various leads.

There are possible business connections between Douglas Garland and Alvin Lyknes that are being looked into. Garland is considered to be a person of interest right now.

The family remains completely devastated over this and they are in constant touch with the police involving the investigation. My heart and prayers are with them as they sit around waiting for some news about what happened to this child and the grandparents. I hope they are all found alive and well.

Jan Barrett

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