By: Jason Paul

No matter how well two people get along, it’s difficult to share a bed with another person. This is true for many reasons, such as different sleeping habits, snoring, different needs as far as mattress firmness and other factors. Some reasons are medical in nature, like sleep apnea or an REM disorder. Here are a few reasons people have a hard time sleeping together, as well as a few ideas on how to fix these problems.


 The number one complaint couples have about their partners in regards to getting a good night’s rest is that they snore. Very loud snoring can be indicative of sleep apnea, especially in overweight people. If you can’t afford to buy a CPAP machine or similar equipment, then just try sleeping on your side rather than your back. This will open up the airway that gets partially blocked when you snore.

Differing Sleeping Habits

 If you sleep with someone who doesn’t match your daily routine, it can be incredibly distracting when it comes time to sleep. For example, if someone works at home during the day, but you need to sleep during the day because you work a night shift, it will be difficult to adapt. Make sure your partner knows when you need to sleep and when you need to be awake and vice versa. Eventually, the two of you will learn each other’s habits and adapt accordingly.


If you live with an insomniac, chances are neither of you sleep very well at all. Have a talk with your spouse to determine whether the insomnia is biological or if it is something bothering them and go from there. This will help both of you sleep better at night. Insomnia can go untreated for years because people do not seek treatment, so if you suspect that one of you has insomnia, talk to your doctor and learn more about your condition.

A Bad Mattress

 If neither of you like what you’re sleeping on, then your chances of getting a good night’s sleep are next to none. Don’t be afraid to get different mattresses for one another if you have to, but make that your last resort. Deciding whether to sleep solo or with your partner is not an easy decision. Try to find a mattress you both can agree on by visiting a mattress store and testing out the ones you’re interested in extensively. You can also research different types and brands of mattresses to find the one that’s right for both of you. While you’re at it, you should also try finding a pillow that works for you to get the ultimate level of comfort.

Acting Out Dreams

Although this last one is uncommon, it is worth noting that some people unknowingly act out their dreams. This is called REM Sleep Disorder and it can be one of the most intrusive things possible when getting a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, the disorder can be treated through medications like antidepressants and melatonin. If your spouse does this at night, go the extra mile and remove anything breakable or sharp from the room, just in case.

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