I recently had a chance to conduct a short 5 question interview with the authors of the book Folks Upset by the Capital Karma, Patricia White and Frank Zilaitis. In this interview they discuss their motivation for writing this book, their opinion about voter apathy, the most important problem in American politics, what they are doing now.

1). What motivated you to write this book?  Was there a single event that inspired you to become active in politics?

A: We are very frustrated with the constant across-the-aisle finger pointing in Washington, D.C.  Nothing substantive has gotten done in the past several years.  The single event that inspired us to write Folks Upset by the Capital Karma is the fact that the national debt on a “cash basis” is approaching $9 trillion dollars and absolutely nothing is being done to address the issue.  This staggering sum means that each citizen’s share of what the United States Government owes to creditors is $30,000.  On an “accrual basis” the national debt is more like $60 trillion dollars! 

2. In your book, Folks Upset by the Capital Karma, you list several things that you view as problems in our current political system.  Which of these do you think is the most important?

A: Fiscal irresponsibility is the single most important issue that has to be addressed “yesterday.”  Each day, our politicians in Washington put us another $1.3 billion dollars in actual cash debt.  Where is the outrage?  Fiscal discipline must be established to set the tone for attacking substantive issues like Social Security, Medicare, healthcare, education, energy, the environment and defense spending.

3. Why do you think Americans are so apathetic about politics? 

A: Americans are so apathetic about politics because they do not see their representatives in Washington representing their interests.  The lobbyists have effectively hijacked the system to the point where a voter believes that his or her vote means absolutely nothing.

4. If you could change one thing about our current political system, what would it be?

A: We would take back our government from the “Two-Party Pirates.”

 5. It has been over two months since the book came out, so give us a status update. How is your movement doing, and what are you each up to today?

A: We are busy promoting awareness of the national debt.  We are now also promoting the Fair Tax as the only viable means of getting our politicians in Washington under control and removing the fiscal drag from our economy.  The Fair Tax (H.R. 25) is a bill that would eliminate all income-related taxes and replace it with a national sales tax that includes a “prebate” so that no one in America will pay taxes up to the poverty level of spending.  We have been very well received by those who have read Folks Upset by the Capital Karma, but there is a lot of work to be done. Frank is running for President of the United States and Tricia is his campaign manager.  Visit www.frankforthefolks.org and volunteer your time, talent and treasure to “clean house” in Washington, D.C.!

Thanks to Patricia and Frank for taking the time to answer my questions.

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