Breaking News:Gambia’s Medical Research Council Accused Of Selling Patient’s Blood Abroad!
Gambia’s Medical Research Council Accused Of Selling Patient’s Blood Abroad 

Director Corra Not Available For Comments

By Our National Correspondent Landing Badjie

The Medical Research Council always had to deal with allegations of selling blood. The research centre is suspected by many to be selling blood samples, especially to old women in Europe. According to sources, despite the existence of an ethics committee that monitors research activities in the country and comprising representatives from the government,civil society and other researchers, MRC’s claim of disposing off blood samples after use could not be believed by many.

MRC was established in the Gambia in 1947 as a British NGO with sub stations in Farafenni, Keneba and Basse. Its areas of intervention are to carry medical research in infectious and communicable diseases.They are currently embarking on three projects, including viral disease, bacterial disease and malaria programs. MRC officials were not availabe for immediate comments at press time. National Correspondent Landing will  further investigate the story. Stay tuned.

Jammeh Insists

Reports reaching Freedom has it that President Jammeh is still insisting on not giving cash to APRC’s victorious candidates to celebrate their electoral victories. Instead, the President has reportedly preferred to give the candidates consumables and logistical support, as according to him he has now lost confidence in people with money.
The president’s apparent mistrust of people with money could be defended in that many of his cronies either leave in disgrace or are jailed for one fiscal indiscipline or another.

Bush Fire

One man has died in Kartong, an eco lodge gutted in Gunjur, livestocks perished in Berending and farmlands destroyed in Misira when a bushfire swept across that southern part of Western Region of the Gambia recently.
Another fire disaster on the other side of River Gambia has destroyed several houses in Niumi. No loss of life was reported but property were destroyed.

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