Breaking News:Gambian Leader Extend Aids Treatment To Religious Leaders,Senior Civil Servants and Community leaders!
“Senior Civil Servants,Religious Leaders And Senior Community Members Living With HIV Are Free To Come To Be Treated.”Says President Jammeh.

….”Religious Leaders Living With HIV Will Not Be Exposed Before The Television.”   

“I thank God For Making a breakthroung on aids cure.”Jammeh tells Information Minister!

        By Staff Writer Justice Sam

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh has extended  an an invitation to “senior Gambian civil servants, religious leaders and senior community leaders living with HIV, the virus that causes aids to join him at his clinic in Banjul, where he intends to cure them privately unlike other HIV patients who were paraded before the State Television for treatment. The President who was being interviewed by Gambia’s Information Minister Neneh Macdowl Gaye says he respects the privacies of senior civil servants, religious leaders and senior community leaders who are opposed to be treated in the open. The President says he is prepared to treat such members of the community in private, but insist that before treatment would be conducted such individuals must be diagnosed first by health officials.The Gambian leader claimed to have treated a good number of Gambian HIV patients in the country since the dicovery of his aids medicine. The President thanked God for giving him the mandate to cure HIV, which Scientists say have no cure yet. The Gambian leader says he had made a major breakthrough on HIV, as he claimed to have successfully cured patients in the Gambia.

A University lecturer one Dr.Sowe, an HIV patient claimed that he is now free of HIV, after been treated by the President. He says he no longer suffer from pain and has since been going on his normal life. Dr.Sowe told the information Minister that he was fit and well thanks to the President’s cure.

For his part Dr.Pacha Njie, Chief Executive officer of the Royal Victoria Hospital says HIV patients seen by the President have all recovered. Dr.Njie, a former sacked military medic says the patients have recovered remarkably and there was no sign of hiv in their system.

President Jammeh earlier told the Information Minister that some of his patients had been living with the HIV virus between 12 and 14 years. He says some of the patients were in bad conditions before being treated, but “thanks to the treatment I gave them they have all recovered. Some could be seen running around the next day.”

Jammeh says he had the mandate to treat senior civil servants, religious leaders and senior members of society living with the virus.”I will not treat anybody who is not tested. I have no compromise on that. They must be tested first. I know that some prefer to die than to be exposed before the TV and I respect their privacy. But for them to be treated, they must be tested first. If they want one to one or in private, I can treat them.” said the Gambian leader.

During the treatment session, a baby who appeared scared by the President’s appearance  could be heard crying.The President told the little girl that he was not a doctor and she  was  not going to be  injected. Notwithstanding, the baby kept crying. The little girl living with HIV was given  some charms to drink. The baby’s mother also received treatment from the Gambian President.

Throughout the treatment session, the President robbed his hands on HIV infected men and women. A female soldier who accompanied the President also took part in the exercise. The President warns his patients not to smoke, drink or eat after taking his medication.

The President who has ventured into fortune telling says he uses the Koran to take care of the patient’s plight. The President says he is capable of telling patients when they are going to die and their problems if he looked into their eyes. For Jammeh, looking into one’s eye means a lot to his new spiritual gift. He says he hate to look into people’s eye as he is capable of revealing a lot if he ventures into such things. He says members of the security forces can attest to this fact.

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