By Bolong Jammeh, Our New Banjul Bureau Chief

A bombshell dropped last thursday at the Daily Observer, when two of it’s News editors were given their marching orders. Ebrima Jaw Manneh and Lamin Dibba were relieved of their editorial and reportorial duties because they exasperated the President of the Republic of The Gambia by reporting that 93 out of the135 asthmatic patients treated by Dr. Jammeh have recovered.

Dr. Jammeh, who himself is clearly in need of a pharmacist, was infuriated by Jaw and Dibba’s report on the Daily Observer and has in fact confronted Mam Sait Ceesay about the story ran by the duo.According to impeccable sources, when the duo were also confronted by Mam Sait for their alleged journalistic blunder, they ran a rejoinder but nonetheless they could not escape the wrath of their bosses who apparently want to satisfy the President by dismissing them.

Jammeh ordered for the sacking of Editor Dibba and Jaw

he two received their termination letters on Thursday but information reaching the Freedom Newspaper has it that behind the scenes negotiations are currently taking place for the reinstatement of both Jaw and  Dibba.
Meanwhile, the only crime of the two was to report that 93 out of the 135 asthmatic patients treated by Jammeh have recovered instead of reporting that 93 out of 135 asthmatic patents treated by Mr Jammeh have called in to say that they have recovered.
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