There is that song that we hear and it takes back to either the best day or the worst day of your life. And this can instantly change your mood. All because of one simple song. That is why today we are so curious about the link between music and memories. What is it that music has that can take us back and get us to feel so many emotions at once?

The Link Between Memories and Music

The link between music and memory can be seen in the different types of memories that we have. And with every note that you listen to, a different type of memory and feeling is evoked. That is why music has so much power over the mind. This is also the same reason why there are songs in online casino games (check out online gambling South Africa for more information) so that they can trigger happy memories.

The songs that artists release are aimed to target their audience and that is you. They are written and choreographed to make sure that they leave a mark on you. And, after all that, we also get to choose a song that can fit a specific occasion. And, the moment that we do that, we are giving the power to the music, in the sense that it is now able to control the whole mood of the event. And the moment that it controls the whole mood of the event, it also controls all the memories that are associated with that event. Maybe you won a jackpot at the best usa sports betting companies and you hear this jackpot alert winning sound, everytime you hear that sound, you will think of how you won the jackpot.

Take, for instance, you are getting married. You will obviously choose a song that has the right words, as well as the right rhythm. By so doing, you are cultivating what we call emotional valence and linking that song to a person. Should you have an argument with that person, and you hear that that song, all the negative energy goes away. And you are only left with the memories that were created by that song.



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