It was author Lewis Carol (Alice In Wonderland) that came out with the great line “You are old father time the young man said”. Once, I was the young man, I loved everything new and exciting.

I played with the best toys, my favorite of which were the computers, An IBM 370/168,

(that was just the Console to run it. The rest of it filled a large aircraft hanger!)

and more PDP 8’s and PDP 11’s than you could shake a fist at. I subscribed to to eclectic magazines that sold strange and wonderful ‘toys’, way before they hit the store shelves, Rubik’s Cube, and the Ball Pentel are great examples.

I embraced the internet before it became a real thing, BBS’s were great, Compuserve, AOL, IBM’s Prodigy, I have used them all.

The geek world was my world, the problem was that it seemed to be ruled by fads. And they tend to be very cyclic. Mainframes gave way to Distributed Minis, which morphed into client server, to the Citrix ‘thin client’, and all the way back to the starting point, the Mainframe, but now we call it the ‘Cloud’.

After close to 35 years in the idiocy of the computer industry, I called it a day and decided that indeed I was the Father Time that Lewis Carol referred to in Alice In Wonderland.

Don’t get me wrong, I love computers, it is rare that I am not in front of one. I even have one next to my bed, just in case I need it.

But and it is a huge BUT, there are aspects of the internet and technology in general that I do not buy into. I have absolutely no use for cell phones. There are two reasons, one is that I am right handed and a minor stroke 15 years ago has foiled my fine motor skills, and second I am not sure I buy into a lot of the accompanying App hype.

Uber and Lyft seem to be at the forefront of the Taxi replacement business, I have not used either service so cannot offer commentary on quality or cost. Other than the occasional rape of a pasenger they seem fine.

Likewise I have never used Airbnb, the concept is simple, rather than stay in a hotel/motel stay in a private residence. You can rent a single room or an entire house. This is hardly a new idea, I remember renting a small cottage in North Wales (the one on the UK, not Pennsylvania) for 2 weeks. It was great, fully furnished, just bring the food and booze and have a ball. We were careful, this was not our house, so we took care to not break anything, or leave a huge mess. At the time I gave it little thought, but someone obviously had to come in after our trip was over and clean the cottage for the next guest.

Airbnb must suffer from the same problem. Of course as the ad says “There’s an App for that”. Poking around I found this site for Airbnb turnaround service, yes there is a company that will make the rental spic and span for the next guest. What a great idea, use an existing service by offering an ‘add on’ service.

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