The Tome is currently in pre-production with shooting set to start in October and release set for 2019. In part the press release says:

Award winning screenwriter Adrian Roman will direct the film and is also Producing along with Executive Producer Scott James and Associate Producer Abby Sensenbaugh. The screenplay is locked, and a website for the film is available for interested parties, including additional production partners and investors. Social Media is launching now. Composer Will Goss has signed on to write the original score.


Scott James is quoted as saying, “We intend to attach A-list talent for the leads, but also, in a strategy to assure profitability, we are reaching out to social media influencers with millions of followers for smaller roles.” Writer/director Adrian Roman adds, “In writing the screenplay, I wanted to tap into the popular horror genre, but also tell a story that is unique. There have been successful horror/comedies in the past such as ‘American Werewolf in London’ and ‘Beetlejuice,’ and ‘The Tome’ lands somewhere in between those two. The script has a strong female lead, who is a sassy, confident person, but who also shows a wide range of emotions. We are looking for a known, highly talented woman who is twenty-five to thirty years old. Several names have come up but we are on a national search for her and we’re seeing who rises to the top. This is the kind of role that would be a ‘Pretty Woman’ moment for the right actress.”


I have nothing but admiration for Movie Makers, oh not the big Hollywood $200 failure, rather the independent small budget people that put their heart and soul into the mission. I could care less about Star Wars or Harry Potter, they are skin deep and an insult to the intelligence

My interest in Indie movies goes back 40 years. In the mail was an invite to attend the premier of a movie by my friend John Park. He had hired a small theatre in London and about 100 of Johns acquaintances watched the movie. It did not as I recall win any awards, but what impressed me was the ‘I can do it’ attitude.

On Thursday June 28 at 4pm I will be sitting down with Adrian Roman and Scott James to talk about The Tome. You can listen in to the conversation here.   You can also check out the supporting web site

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