haleigh.jpgBlogger News covered the story of the missing child from Satsuma, Florida from the beginning. 5 year old HaLeigh Cummings seems to have just disappeared off the face of the earth on February 10, 2009 and no one can tell what happened to her. It appears that she was taken as she was sleeping while her little brother and her then babysitter slept on the bed nearby, yet no one knows where she went or who took her.

There were battles everywhere over who knows what in this case. Innocent people suffered one way or another while the ongoing case was being investigated, yet still no one would admit knowing anything about where little HaLeigh was.

In real life, lives were torn apart, even lives of people that never actually met the little girl. People online fought against each other. Everyone had their own opinion as to what happened to HaLeigh, but no one could prove their ideas to be correct. What some refused to accept was that while they couldn’t prove their ideas, no one could actually prove the ideas were wrong either. Some say HaLeigh is being hidden somewhere, others say she was murdered, but the fact remains, that apparently NO ONE knows for sure what happened to this loving child, except for the one responsible for her disappearance and we all know that of course they are never going to admit anything.

In the meantime, some family members refuse to think HaLeigh may never be coming home and they continue praying that God will lead HaLeigh home again. It is no secret that I myself can’t give up that thought. Until someone shows me proof that HaLeigh is no longer with us, I still pray she will come home. This is my personal opinion, which I am entitled to and anyone else that shares my opinions, has the same rights.

Tomorrow, February 10, 2013, makes 4 years now that HaLeigh has been gone and her grandmother, Teresa Neves is holding another prayer vigil, in HaLeigh’s honor. Here are the details for it:

February 10, 2013 will mark four years since we have since our precious HaLeigh. Four years seems like four lifetimes ago but in those four years our desire to see HaLeigh has not waned. We pray for the day that God blesses us with the miracle that brings HaLeigh home. We believe in God and we believe that he still performs miracles. We continue to pray for our miracle and ask that you join us on February 10, at 2:30 p.m., as we stand united and pray for HaLeigh’s safe return. The address for the vigil is 302 Osceola Avenue Satsuma Florida. I know you are all very busy but I hope you will make time to come and pray with us. Jamie Watts has once again agreed to lead the vigil. We are so very thankful for all those who come and give of their love and their time. Your prayers and support mean more than words can say. Thank you and God bless you!

I can not be there for the vigil so I will be lighting a candle for HaLeigh tomorrow at 2:30 Eastern time. For those that can’t join Teresa and her family tomorrow, please join me in lighting a candle and saying a prayer for her too.

Whether you believe HaLeigh is out there and able to come home or not, what can saying a prayer for her, hurt? How can anyone blame the family of not giving up hope? I lost two babies which I have buried. I can go visit their burial plot and talk to them anytime I want to, but that is because I know where they are. No one knows where HaLeigh is, so her family can’t go visit her to talk. They have no way to ease the pain in their hearts as they grieve for this precious child. So please let them grieve the only way they can for now without any problems.

I pray that one day this family’s prayers will be answered. They have grieved enough. I pray for HaLeigh’s safe return and if that isn’t God’s will then please let the person/persons responsible for her disappearance come forward and tell what happened. Then this family can move on with their lives.

HaLeigh Cummings you will never be forgotten, sweetie. Please know you have so many people out here that loves and misses you. They wait for your return. God bless you HaLeigh! God bless your family as well!

Jan Barrett

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