The Times-Picayune New Orleans Advocate reported that Anfernee Steele, from Houma, Louisiana, was watching his girlfriend’ 4 year old daughter. Jo’nyri Hawkins in his New Orleans Hotel room on October 3. Steele’s story was that he gave the child her bath after she accidentally soiled her underwear.

He then claimed after smoking a marijuana cigarette earlier in the day that he was tired so he decided to lay down and take a nap, but he left the child in the tub unattended, A while later he said he was awaken to a thump and splashing. He said he ran to the bathroom and grabbed the child from the tun and fearing that she had swallowed water he pressed on her stomach. According to Steele she was fine when he put her to bed. When Jo’nyri’s mother returned she found her daughter imp and lifeless.

Later when the coroner’s office did the autopsy they come to the conclusion that she had died from massive internal bleeding caused by blunt force trauma to her abdomen. The forensic pathologist said the fatal injury was most likely from a punch or a kick that was so hard that it ruptured the child’s liver and spleen.

They found in the results of the autopsy that apparently this little girl had signs of abuse which included bruises, scars, a heal rib fracture and human bite marks. They also noted that there was vaginal trauma consistent with an object similar to a finger being inserted

Other things that just didn’t add up was that there was no wet towels in the room and a pair of the girl’s underwear was found in the bathroom but they they were not s0oiled, they were clean and finally they remember Steele’s strange behavior. This is what prompted the police to ask a judge to sign an arrest warrant for Steele.

Once the autopsy reports were given the police departments went to interview Steele more but no one that knew him seemed to know where he had gone to. The warrant began a manhunt for Steele. The charges include second degree murder and cruelty to juveniles and if convicted he could face mandatory life in prison for the little girl’s murder.

Jo’nyri Hawkins  funeral was held Friday in Houma, La.. As you can see this was a beautiful little girl. It is heart breaking to see that someone abused this innocent little girl. She didn’t have a fighting chance. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

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