stephanie-and-brody-fish.JPGA little boy that is only 4 years old appears to have been abducted from Weidman, Michigan. He was last seen on Friday, November 18 around 7:30 p.m. at their home on Rolland Road. Authorities say that Brody Fish is believed to be in extreme danger and they have reason to believe that they might be in the Grand Rapids area.

Brody’s Mother also appears to be missing according to her mother, Denise Gates saying that her daughter, Stephanie Fish, 34, has not been seen since that Friday night tool but she doesn’t think she is with Jason Fish. She also said she doesn’t think Jason would harm Brody.

The Isabella County Sheriff’s Office thinks that the boy was taken by his father, 35 year old Jason Lantz Fish. They say that they managed to ping a cell phone that belongs to Jason which was tracked to a Grand Rapids cell phone tower.

Little Brody is described a being about 4 ft tall and he weighs about 40 lbs. He has strawberry blonde hair.

Jason Fish is about 6 ft 2 inches tall and he weighs about 220 lbs with a large build. He has blue eyes and brown hair and he was wearing a goatee. He might be traveling with his son in a dark green Ford Explorer with Michigan license plate #BUC0574.

According to the information on the Amber Alert that was issued little Brody is with someone that might have intent to harm him or who had confirmed criminal history of harming children, sexual assault, domestic assault or is suicidal.

If you or anyone you know has any information about where this child and his mother are, please call 911 immediately or you can call the Isabella County Central Dispatch at 989-773-1000 or the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office at 989-772-5911.

I pray to God that this child is found before any harm comes to him. Please call for help if you or anyone sees him before it is too late.

Jan Barrett

UPDATE: An Amber Alert has been cancelled. Four-year-old Brody Fish was found safe and sound in Genessee County. No word yet about his mother though.

UPDATE:  Stephanie’s body was found in the family’s home. Jason Fish has been arrested for allegedly murdering his wife.

Michigan State Police are working with the sheriff’s department to investigate.   So far, a .22 caliber rifle has been seized as possible evidence.

4-year-old Brody is currently staying with a family member while the investigation continues.

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