Just last week we reported on a 9 year old girl from Missouri, Elizabeth Olten being murdered by a 15 year old female and they have decided to charge her as an adult on murder. I was beside myself when I heard that a 15 year old child could have done this, thinking what is going on here.

Now I read this morning where another child has been found dead. 4 year old Alex Christopher Mercado from Mendota, California was found inside a clothes dryer and a 14 year old boy that lives in the home is being held and will be charged in the killing of the child.

Alex’s parents reported him missing Friday afternoon which set off a wide search with 50 volunteers helping. Around 3 am Saturday morning the sheriff’s office started searching in the fields and waterways and canals in the area. About 6 hours later they began searching again in the neighborhood which is when they found his little body.

Neighbors claim the home where the child was found belongs to a woman believed to be in her 30’s and her teenage son. It is said that this woman used to baby-sit Alex and his siblings.

A cause of death has not been announced yet. Sheriff Margaret Mims said the child was placed inside the dryer after he had been killed but no other details were given about how he died.

It is bad enough when we have sex offenders attaching our innocent children or some deranged person that loses control of their tempers only to take it out on a child that can’t fight back but now we have to worry about children killing other children. Is it a power trip in their minds telling them they are more powerful and to prove it they kill the weaker ones? Is something like this hereditary? Is it in their genes? Too often when a child lashes out it is blamed on their upbringing but I can’t always say that is true. Too many these days have been raised properly and still end up as killers or criminals in one way or another.

Do children like Adji Desir, Somer Thompson, Haleigh Cummings, Caylee Anthony or Elizabeth Olten and now Alex Marcado deserve what has happened to them? (God the list keeps getting longer) Poor little Adji and Haleigh are still out there somewhere missing. NO they didn’t ask for this. They had just as much a right to live in this world as we do. This is so unfair.

Kids that become involved in drugs don’t always come from families that do drugs. I blame the laws we have more than anything. If our laws were stricter it might make a small difference at least. When someone is sentenced for life then that is what they should get. If the sentence is 20 years, forget the possibility of getting out on parole. I have seen someone go to jail for a minor charge and spend more time behind bars than someone in there for killing someone. Where is the logic in that?

I personally knew someone that had been charged with a DUI 5 times and three of those times were for a first offense charges because she had the guts to stand up in court and tell the judge it was her first offense and the courts didn’t even bother to check her records. The funny part was the last time she stood before a judge she told him it was her first offense and at the same time she was on probation for another ‘first offense’ charge and hadn’t even paid the first dime on her fine. They didn’t even catch her. She was on probation for two first offense DUI’s in the same parish in Louisiana and NO one caught it. Then to top this all off she walked out with a valid driver’s license. So what is wrong with that picture?

OK I know a DUI is nothing to compare to killing someone but my point is our court systems need to be more accurate. They release people that should never see the light of day again and they hold people on a minor charge such as stealing a pack of gum or something simple as that and hold them for so many days not releasing them until they serve their full time. Something is wrong with our court system and I don’t understand how they can’t see that.

My prayers are with Alex Mercado’s family. I can’t begin to imagine what they are going through right now. My heart really goes out to them. I pray that someday they can find some peace.

Jan Barrett

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