Every business needs to focus on customer satisfaction in order to be successful. For a small business, even if you can’t offer the lowest prices or fastest delivery, the way you treat your customers can still be the deciding factor in your favor. In fact, 96% of customers list customer service as an important part of their choice to be loyal to a brand. A call center is one of the best ways to offer effective customer support, especially if you’re using modern systems. You’re likely familiar with the old image of call centers with agents crammed in cubicles and phones ringing off the hook with complaints and concerns from frustrated customers, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

A modern cloud based call center can be equipped with many different software systems that help provide more personal and convenient customer experiences as well as make things easier for your support team. Here are some of the biggest reasons that cloud systems are the future of call centers.

No On-Premises Hardware

One of the greatest advantages of a cloud contact center solution compared to premise systems is the costs you’ll save by not needing to deploy hardware and software at your location. Deploying this infrastructure is also time-consuming and frequently takes months. Legacy systems usually require a team of employees extremely familiar with the systems to maintain them.

With cloud contact center software, you’ll have immediate access to a wide variety of apps, core functionalities (routing, outbound calls, IVR, etc.), and security technologies. Best of all, these solutions are scalable to your needs and can be easily integrated with current systems you may be running like Zendesk, Salesforce, or Microsoft Dynamics 365. Especially with coronavirus making digital communications more necessary, and normal, it’s predicted that we’ll be seeing the death of the legacy call centre in the next decade.

Omnichannel Call Routing

Modern call center software typically offers multichannel routing, which allows customers to contact your agents through their preferred means whether that’s a voice call, text, SMS, email, live chat, or a company mobile app. A true omnichannel contact center takes this a step further by allowing customers to seamlessly switch between communication methods if the need arises all while staying in contact with the same agent. This can save everyone a great deal of time and makes for more personal and memorable customer experiences.

Improved Agent Productivity

With a unified agent desktop, your contact center agents can easily keep track of all ongoing conversations across all channels making it easy for them to jump into a conversation with the full context if needed. You can also screen incoming calls for returning customers to connect them with their preferred agent. With interactive voice response, you can also be confident that new callers will be routed to the right agent for their concerns. Having the best technology available also increases agent job satisfaction, helping you cut down on the common problem of agent turnover.

CRM Integrations

Cloud contact center software integrates with any customer relationship management software you’re already using, or you can set up a new solution. This makes it easy to track customer journeys from start to finish to ensure high-quality service and positive experiences for customers and agents.

You can also easily store and recall customer information like phone numbers, call recordings, and complete interaction history. This information has a variety of potential uses. For example, you could track the most common customer questions and concerns so you can better address them on your company site and elsewhere. You can determine which of your products are the most popular to predict what customers might want in the future. You can also give this information to your sales team so they can create personalized offers for loyal customers.

The advanced features of a cloud-based contact center can greatly benefit businesses of all sizes and help inspire customer loyalty thanks to their convenience.

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