I got wind of this story yesterday afternoon, but details were very sketchy at that time. Our good friend TJ Hart of The Sky 97.3 has shipped us this update on the case. One thing is clear, things are moving rapidly in the investigation. Simon
TJ Hart Reporting

A man detained by police for driving with an expired license was identified as a fourth suspect in the killing of a Florida couple Thursday known for adopting disabled children.

I got word from sources close to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office while participating in the live telecast of The Nancy Grace Show on HLN last night that day laborer Gary Lamont Sumner was being held in Okaloosa County, Fla., and would likely be brought to Escambia County Tuesday.

That tip was verified about 40 minutes later by Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan in a press conference Monday evening at about 9:30 ET.

Sheriff David Morgan said he expects more arrests to be “imminent,” including another likely to happen Tuesday.

“We hope to bring all the suspects we have identified to justice very shortly,” he said.

Escambia County law enforcement officials said at least 6 to 8 people may have been involved.

The descriptions of the suspects in what appeared to be ninja attire had been put together from surveillance video from the Billings’ home that showed five men entering and leaving the house, and from witnesses, he said.

Investigators continue looking at the role business ties might have played in the murder of a wealthy north Florida couple who had adopted 12 children with developmental problems or disabilities.

Byrd Billings, 68, and Melanie, 43, had 16 children; four of them were their own and the remainder were adopted.

The Escambia County Sheriff said robbery was one of what may be “numerous motives” in the killings.

Billings and his wife owned several local businesses.

At first, officials said they had suspected the murders were the result of a home invasion. Further investigation has revealed a situation more complex than law enforcement officers said they had expected.

Detectives said they were still attempting to work through the web of potential motives in a case that they say grows more complex by the day.

I will have more information for you as it comes to light. Watch for the update tonight on HLN’s Nancy Grace Show.

TJ Hart

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