I have to admit the I don’t like most fast food places. It is not my sorta thing, but once in a while you just have to do what your wife suggests. “look at this honey” and handed me a flyer from Burger King. She had even found the perfect thing for me Chicken Nuggets and fries. As I don’t like Burgers, this was indeed the least unobjectionable item on the flier.

I decided to retire to my office and see what else Burger King might have on the menu. As I am an internet fan, I headed to Google and Searched for ‘Burger King menu’. I got the following result:


Google is very good, the first hit was for the Burger King nearest me.


There was one item that caught my attention.


I have to admit that while I don’t much care for Burgers, the concept of a 14lb Whopper sounded intriguing. I think a Whopper costs under $5 complete with fries and some icky sticky soda.

How can Burger King possibly make a profit selling a 14lb Whopper for under $5? I was in a grocery store a few days ago and ground beef was $3 a pound. So it would cost me $42 to make a single Whopper! That doesn’t include the ‘fixins’.

I say, head on down to Burger King for a great deal. There were no official warnings, but I think they should limit sales to one per person.

Simon Barrett

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