The family of a man that died as a result of contracting an asbestos related disease has been awarded a multimillion dollar payout by way of compensation. The family of the former plant worker received nearly three and a half million dollars in compensation, which was awarded by a San Francisco jury.

The lawsuit had been filed against Advocate Mines Limited of Baie Verte, Newfoundland by the family of the deceased man, Richard Worthley Sr. Mr Worthley had worked for twenty four years at Johns-Manville plant in Waukegan, Illinois, and Advocate Mines Limited supplied asbestos fiber to the plant.

The plaintiff was diagnosed with the cancer in 2004. The claims that were made in the lawsuit included negligence, failure to provide warnings about the dangers of the asbestos that was supplied to the plant, and product liability.

The plaintiff worked as a painter and millwright at the plant, and his family claimed that he had to breathe in the asbestos dust and fibers for years, which ultimately led to him contracting cancer and caused his death.

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