According to a recent report around thirty thousand asbestos related lawsuits have been tossed out of Cleveland courts in order to comply with an Ohio Supreme Court ruling that placed limitations on cases. The cases related to those that have been exposed to asbestos but not diagnosed with any related sickness.

However, court officials have said that those that do go on to develop an asbestos related illness can refile their claim in court. The ruling could now also affect such cases in other states such as Florida, Kansas, and Georgia.

One attorney that fights for victims of asbestos exposure said that he hoped judges would not go back on their word with regards to allowing those that do fall ill to refile their case. He said: “As long as they have a right to a claim at some point, that’s all you can ask for.”

One insurance company stated: “For too long, the bulk of asbestos claims that have caused dozens of Ohio companies to go bankrupt were specious. The reform measure, now validated by the court, simply requires plaintiffs to provide solid medical evidence of an asbestos-related illness for a lawsuit to proceed. The truly sick will still get compensated and for those that, thankfully, are not sick but may become sick, they can still have their day in court.”

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